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Information for Spectators

Rules for Attendance

1. Do not bring un-entered dogs or other pets. AKC only insures dogs that entered in the show.

2. Always ask permission before petting any dog.  If the dog has been groomed for the ring, the handler may not want the dog mussed or distracted before going in to show.

3. Strollers are not allowed in the building. They are a fire hazard.

To Better Enjoy the Show:

  • Arrive early. Remember that many dogs show early in the morning, starting as early as 8 AM.

  • Check the schedule. If you have a breed that interests you, ask to see a schedule from the catalog table and look up the breed’s ring and time. Click here for a printable version of the 2012 schedule. Spectators do not need to buy a catalog, unless they want a memento or want breed contact information.

  • Ask about interesting dogs. Exhibitors are usually happy to discuss their breeds, after they have shown their dogs. Dogs are neither bought nor sold on the show grounds.

  • Check out all the rings. 6 show rings run simultaneously. LKC utilizes all the buildings at the fairgrounds. Spectators may enter all the buildings to see any ring.

  • Buy breakfast or lunch. We have great on-site catering available, with timed meals and all-day refreshments available.

  • Shop. We usually have anywhere from 4 to 12 vendors with dog supplies, services, and decorative items. In 2012, we were proud to include both national and local vendors.

  • Ask questions. Anyone wearing an LKC badge should be able to answer questions or direct spectators to the appropriate person to ask.
  • Best things to see at the LKC Dog Show

    Exhibitors grooming coated breeds such as Poodles, Afghans, Sheepdogs, etc. -- try to find the dog with the most unique styling!

    Individual and Best-In-Show for giant and toy breeds. The extremes of dog size and personality are amazing! Check out the Terriers; they are permitted to “spar,” to display their spunkiness.

    The fashions of exhibitors. You'll see women in their best suits, but wearing sensible shoes. This is because female exhibitors must dress well, but also be able to run in the outfit.



    Albany County Fairgrounds

    The Laramie Kennel Club Dog Show is held at the Albany County Fairgrounds in Laramie, WY.

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    Parking: $2.00 (cash only)

    Catering: Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments available for purchase

    Admission cost: FREE!